“Expert Meetings & Events did a mountain of work that helped me more than you know. I can’t tell you how great it was to know you were dealing with an aspect of a show that is traditionally pretty stressful.”

Thera Larson, Trade Show & Event Manager
“Elaina is a rockstar at what she does. Her attention to detail puts my mind at ease and I can trust that my highest standards are met. She takes so much pride in what she does and the service she provides her clients. I don’t know what I would do without her! She has allowed me to focus on other pieces of my world so that I can create unforgettable experiences for our consumer base. Elaina has truly been a blessing to me!”

Audrey Rodriguez, Associate Event Manager
“The Ulman Cancer Fund was recently introduced to Expert Meetings & Events and their services have been awesome! Their team has worked hard to save us money that we can now direct towards our mission of supporting young adults fighting cancer. Expert Meetings & Events was a pleasure to work with and UCF is looking forward to using their services again in the future!”

Erica Johnson, UCF Program Coordinator
“We can't imagine planning an event without Elaina's sage advice, expert negotiation skills and support. She is up for any challenge, is a true team player and brings so much joy to the work she does. It's wonderful to work with someone who is such a delight and true expert in their field.”

Erin Casey Wolf, Co-Owner
“Expert Meetings & Events provided us the Meeting Planning department that we don’t have! Elaina saved us time and resources when planning our annual user group meeting. The process was smooth and easy from securing a location to signing the contract to invoicing; and Elaina was patient, informative, and communicative throughout the entire process. For a small company, EME’s services went an extra long way! Thank you!”

Jaclyn Spedaliere, TrialScope Account Manager
“It took almost a year from when I first learned about Expert Meetings & Events services for me to reach out for help with one of our annual events but it absolutely the right decision. Elaina put just as much care and effort into coordinating a contract for our relatively small conference as she does for her larger clients and I am so appreciative to her for her attention to detail and knowledge of the hotel industry. She provided us with a contract that exceeded our expectations and has freed me up to focus my efforts on the content of the conference where it belongs. I highly recommend Expert Meetings & Events and will be utilizing Elaina’s expertise every chance I can from here on out.”

Kate Clemmer, LCSW-C,
Center for Eating Disorders at
Sheppard Pratt Community Outreach Coordinator