Frequently Asked Questions

• Why should I work with Expert Meetings & Events when booking my hotel groups?
Working with an excellent meeting planner takes the burden of time and money off of you, your staff and your organization.

Expert Meetings & Events will:
  • Understand your needs and use their industry knowledge to find the best hotel to fit your program.
  • Negotiate a hotel group contract with the best terms available.
  • Ensure that you never miss an important date such as deposit due dates, cutoff dates, etc.
  • Be there to handle amendments to your original contract.
• What if I already have relationships with hotels? What value would I get from working with Expert Meetings & Events?
While you may have relationships with hotels, at no fault of your own, you may not know exactly what to ask the hotel for (or what the hotel is actually able to offer you). Expert Meetings & Events has fifteen years of award winning experience on the hotel side of the business. We know EXACTLY what you need in order to mitigate your financial obligations and book you a successful event.
• What if I have worked with event planners in the past however I didn’t find much value? What makes Expert Meetings & Events different?
We are the best in the business and we genuinely CARE about the success of your program. Give us a try. Our services are COMPLIMENTARY to you so what have you got to lose?
• Why are your services free?
Great question. Our site selection and contract negotiation services are complimentary because we get paid a placement fee (percentage of total sleeping room revenue) directly from the hotel upon completion of your program.
• Does my cost/rate increase by working with Expert Meetings & Events?
No. We typically have a standard clause in our hotel contracts stating that hotel rates were not increased due to our involvement. More importantly though, we are going to negotiate the best TERMS for your contract in regard to attrition, cancellation, concessions/value adds, etc. You will often times see value in monetary savings and especially in peace of mind.